Our Work

Bulzee is an algo-based technical indicator notification platform and back testing application. Users can view live prices of their stock and can also set a pre-defined condition, once that condition is achieved, user will be notified, and then user can take appropriate decision (i.e. to buy, sell or hold). User can also perform back testing of any stock with a combination of technical indicator and can receive entire trade report with statistics. Users will also be able to learn about different trading strategies, technical indicators and how to use those them in live market. Bulzee is a product that entitles to help beginners and intermediate traders get a thorough understanding of various trading terms, practices and strategies.
  • App development is in progress.
Family Time
Family Time
iD Fresh foods, being a successful food business in India and Dubai, had a vision for uniting families with children and parents together over the power of moral stories. Simple, yet effective, this app was envisioned towards children, listening to stories that inculcate moral values, based on the heritage of historic stories of our culture.

Felesys successfully satisfied their need by developing the app designed for reading stories, providing a feature to watch video-based stories too., share like and also download stories to be viewed offline. iD Family Time has reached a large mass, providing one story per day to its users based on the extensive works of their authors.
Nav Naav
Nav Naav Navratri
Sri Bramharishi Ashram, Tirupati conducts a grand celebration of the Navratri (an Indian festival) annually. For this, the organizers needed a mobile app renewed from the previous design and features.

Felesys provided a simplistic solution to their needs allowing the attendants of the festival to view the schedules, gallery, event locations and receive notifications of various parts of the event. Keeping in mind the wide age range of the attendees of the event.
An idea to make opinions matter. Bringing out the true meaning of democratic independence, Polhop is a product by Felesys to voice your opinions anonymously to help project public opinions as a whole.
Providing facilities to filter questions based on age group, gender, geography and occupational sectors, Polhop allows a deep visual statistic helping individuals, groups, organizations and even government bodies to understand the real requirements.
This is an event company based in Bangalore, conducting variety of events ranging from birthdays to weddings. Having accepted the opportunity for digitalizing the business process, Felesys has developed a solution for Simplicite, for the members of Simplicite, they can use the product to streamline the production of the event orders from request to payment and settlement. The product also has payment, tax and invoice components integrated, the members of Simplicite can view visual statistics on earnings, taxes and invoices for a month’s business.
  • App is built for internal use, not released on App Store and Play store
Job Search
A dream of making job searching as easy as possible, made its way towards Felesys. Based in Australia, JobU provides an intelligent matching algorithm understanding the candidates’ personality, need and expertise to match them to the best job openings for them out there.
Currently running its successful beta version, JobU is hopefully awaiting onboarding investors. Felesys has designed, developed and realized the algorithm created by its visionaries. Planned to release in Australia, and potential Asian and European countries in 2019-20
  • Currently running beta version, Android and iOS app will be live by end of February.